September 23, 2023

NHL Consensus picks Expert’s report card – after 50 NHL Season Games

Is it possible that we have already completed half the season? It seems that the NHL playoffs are taking shape. The good and bad teams are already known. This information will give us an edge in the remainder of the season. Some teams are going to make an effort to reach the playoffs. The bad ones, however, will soon tank. The teams will not admit it, but they have nothing to gain by a last-minute push when the postseason is over. We recommend as the best sportsbook for hockey betting. The sportsbook offers a sign-up bonus of up to $1,000 for new players.

Top NHL Hockey Teams


This season, there is no team better than the Tampa Bay Lightning. The only way they can lose is if their performance drops by playoff time. Right now, they are without a match. Tampa Bay already has 200 goals, and we haven’t even played half the games. You would win $1064 if you placed $100 bets on every Lightning game. It’s crazy that they are so good in every arena. They earn $572 in their home stadium and $492 when they are on the road. The Lightning is just another level.


The New York Islanders are the most profitable team in all of the National Hockey League. The Isles’ momentum is a bit surprising, but it has made for a great ride for bettors who wager on them every night. Bettors who placed $100 on each New York game have won $1406. Islanders are particularly good as guests, with a record of 15-8-1 and $1174 in winnings for bettors who trust them.


They aren’t as good as the Lightning and Islanders but are still not too bad. Calgary is leading the Western Conference and few people expected it. Flames are particularly strong when they play away from their home. The Flames have made $623 out of $743 in profit. If you bet $100 on every Calgary game, it will put you in a great position for cash flow throughout the remainder of the season.

Bottom NHL Hockey Teams


You would have consistently beaten the Blackhawks if you had followed my advice in the early part of the season. Chicago has a record of 17-24-9 this year, with a total under $1091. The team is at the bottom of the Western Conference, and they have no clue about how to win. By the way, their defense has given up 188 goals, which is the lowest number in NHL consensus picks.


Both at home and away, the Panthers have had a brutal season. You would have lost $-971 if you bet $100 each time Florida played this season. The team has been especially bad when they are on the road. They posted a record of 10-14-3 while losing $674 to bettors who keep betting. It’s best to avoid betting on the Panthers, or against them. Anything else is a complete waste of money and time.


San Jose Sharks, a third-place team in the Western Conference have had a bad year. This team has a $-418 deficit. Sharks are particularly poor when they play on the road. After 26 road games, bettors who have backed them as guests are down $-542. They are good at home, but they’re not enough to bet on every game.

NHL teams with the biggest upside


All season long, I’ve loved to bet on the Canucks. Especially when they were playing away. When they’re favorites, run, but when the team is a dog, you should bet on it. Vancouver is a great bet for this year, with earnings of $551 and $452 from playing away.


You will become richer this year if you ride the Coyote. Take them on the road when they’re underdogs, and avoid them in Arizona. They aren’t a good team but their road money lines are amazing. They are $900 ahead when they play as guests this season. We’ll keep riding this money train for as long as the ride doesn’t get off track.


If you pay attention, the Leafs will make money when the situation is right. Toronto earned $703 in road earnings this season. When no one is giving them a chance they are dangerous. They are sick of hearing about how great the Tampa Bay Lightning is. Toronto is as good as any team when they play the “nobody believes in us” card.