Pakistan vs Netherlands, World Cup 2023 Highlights: Haris Rauf takes 3 as PAK bundle out NED for 205, win by 81 runs

Pakistan and Netherlands’ battle in World Cup 2023 cricket fans witnessed an electrifying showdown. Both sides displayed brilliant batting and bowling performances that culminated in Pakistan’s stunning win 81 runs away with Haris Rauf taking three key wickets that helped Netherlands be bowled out for just 205 runs to give Pakistan their win by an overwhelming margin.

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Pakistan’s Solid Start

To open their match against Australia, Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first, choosing Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq as opening batsmen to display outstanding form in opening partnerships that laid down an efficient base. The decision paid dividends as Pakistan made solid progress until eventually losing in an all-out effort from Australia’s bowlers and bowlers in response.

But Netherlands’ Fightback

However, the Netherlands did not give in without fighting back; their bowlers showed great determination by picking up wickets regularly – it was an intense contest between bat and ball as Pakistan managed to post 286 runs for 7 wickets lost Live Cricket pakistan.

Haris Rauf’s Heroism

Turning Point

Pakistan’s bowling attack produced an outstanding second-innings performance in which Haris Rauf’s bowling spell stood out as the pivotal turning point, taking three crucial wickets that sent shockwaves through the Netherlands’ batting lineup and swinging the game decisively towards Pakistan.

Rauf’s ability to hit precise lengths with pace unnerved Dutch batsmen. His consistency both in line and length made forming partnerships incredibly challenging for their batsmen.

Wickets Fall

As Rauf continued his onslaught of wickets for the Netherlands, their total collapsed from 257 runs to just 205, and fell short by 81 runs of their target of 281. Pakistan’s bowlers and fielding made sure there would be no chance for a comeback; their bowlers quickly dispatched any chance the Netherlands may have had of scoring back against Pakistani fielders.

Celebration in Pakistan Camp

Pakistan celebrated their victory with great joy, with both players and fans celebrating an impressive performance that displayed Pakistan’s cricketing ability. It was well deserved and demonstrated their cricketing prowess!


Pakistan defeated the Netherlands in an exhilarating World Cup encounter thanks to Haris Rauf’s brilliant bowling display. This match will go down as one of unforgettable excitement, competitive spirit, and excellence chased relentlessly by both teams.


Who were Pakistan’s standout performers during this match?

Haris Rauf’s outstanding bowling performance was key in Pakistan’s win.

How have the Netherlands fared during their innings?

The Netherlands struggled to form partnerships and were eventually bowled out for just 205 runs.

What was the turning point in your match?

Haris Rauf’s spell, wherein he took three vital wickets and changed the tide in Pakistan’s favor was pivotal to its win in this game.

What significance has this victory had for Pakistan in the World Cup?

Pakistan can take great comfort from this victory as they remain one of the favorites at the World Cup tournament.

Where can I watch highlights from this captivating game?

Find match highlights and more details from various sports broadcasting platforms or official cricket websites.


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